Posted by: malunkeydamoviemonger | March 11, 2010

Hello world!

Ever feel the need to stand up and cheer? Throw a bad call brick at the tv? Okay… that might be a little excessive, but American Idol tends to get some people pretty vocal. Here you can post and discuss everything Idol, but please keep it clean!




  1. I love that my daughter got me addicted to this show – THANKS ALISSA! and I love that I can actually discuss opinions with family & friends throughout the contest. OK – I loved Jason Castro among many others and now love Crystal just as much! I hope she doesn’t end up like Jason did on the season he was on…Crystal – get a tiny bit of a personality after someone gives you a compliment! YOU are fabulous! And Big Mike – sorry everyone who isn’t a fan but I LOVE HIM! YAY!

    • LOVE your icon! lol… When I get his more setup, I’m going to have places for past years. 🙂 I totally agree about Chrystal Bowersox… LOVE her! 😀

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