Remaining Contestants

Aaron Kelly – 16 years old
Sonestown, PA

Aaron Kelly


Andrew Garcia – 24 years old
Moreno Valley, CA

Andrew Garcia


Casey James – 27 years old
Fort Worth, TX


Casey James


Crystal Bowersox – 24 years old
Elliston, OH


Crystal Bowersox


Didi Benami – 23 years old
Knoxville, TN

Didi Benami 



Katie Stevens – 17 years old
Middlebury, CT

 Katie Stevens


Lee Dewyze – 23 years old
Mount Prospect, IL

Lee Dewyze 

Michael Lynche – 26 years old
St. Pertersburg, FL

Michael Lynche


Paige Miles – 24 years old
Naples, FL

Paige Miles


Siobhan Magnus – 19 years old
Cape Cod, MA

Siobhan Magnus


Tim Urban – 20 years old
Duncanville, TX

Tim Urban 


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