Posted by: malunkeydamoviemonger | March 24, 2010

Miley Cyrus to Mentor Top 11

Miley Cyrus to Mentor 'American Idol' Contestants, Possibly Teach Them to Pole-Dance

No doubt about it, Miley Cyrus has a lot to teach the world. Maybe not all of it positive, but hey—nobody’s perfect. And now the Hannah Montana sensation will be sharing her expertise and wisdom with the aspiring singing stars of American Idol. And it’s about time, we say!

Cyrus will serve as celebrity mentor for the remaining 11 contestants on tomorrow’s episode of the singing competition, no doubt providing indispensable tips on pitch control and the finer points of showmanship.  And because one night of Miley wouldn’t possibly be enough, she’ll be back for Wednesday night’s results show, when she’ll perform her song “When I Look at You.”

Coincidentally (or not), Wednesday’s results show will also feature a performance by fellow Disney standouts Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato, who will belt out their brand-new eco-anthem “Make a Wave.” Maybe Miley can make a few waves of her own by backing them up with some eye-catching dance moves.

Will you tune in to watch Miley school the American Idol aspirants? Let us know in the comments section!



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